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Commercial Real Estate and Industrial Property Experts

Our Strengths

The core mission of Industrial Commercial Properties is to provide our clients with maximum value, maximum usability and maximum efficiency. We focus on transforming existing industrial and commercial buildings into modern, customized facilities that offer only the best in industrial commercial property. Through our unique and unmatched process, we are able to provide new and customized spaces that are far more cost-effective than a new building.

We Understand Our Clients’ Needs

We work with our clients to ensure that we understand their business processes and the space that will be best suited to them. ¬†From there, we design a space that will best facilitate their company’s needs. ¬†Every project is custom-tailored to a client’s specifications to increase their productivity. Without the proper environment, no company can truly thrive.

We Are Always Expanding Our Industrial and Commercial Property Offerings

Our Company continues to expand through our incredible services. Industrial Commercial Properties owns over 40,000,000 square feet of property throughout Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. We are able to continue expanding and acquiring property through our extensive knowledge of the industry and our ability to continually grow and adapt.

We differentiate ourselves through our comprehensive client care and years of experience within the industry. Our interests and concerns are solely focused on giving clients exactly what they need. With our extensive knowledge, we can quickly identify ways to manage and improve our client’s workflow while still providing them a cost-effective solution.