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Commercial Real Estate and Industrial Property Experts

Who We Are

We own over 40,000,000 square feet of property within three states: Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan. We continue to expand our properties, and our property selection enables us to provide a full suite of offerings to our clients. Whether you’re interested in leasing or owning, we have everything a client needs.

We Are Commercial Real Estate and Industrial Property Experts

We acquire spaces that we believe have potential. We acquire, preserve and develop large industrial and commercial spaces to ensure that our clients have everything they need. Our wide selection of properties allow us to find the properties that are best for our clients. By repurposing industrial and commercial facilities, we are able to give our clients a cost-effective solution that still meets their needs.

We Work With Our Real Estate and Industrial Property Clients

We work closely with our clients to ensure that they have everything they need in an industrial or commercial space. Our team is composed of architects, engineers and construction experts; we have everything a client needs to develop their space the way they need it. Through our highly responsive client services, we are able to provide innovative, modern spaces.

Our focus on providing maximum value, maximum efficiency and maximum usability ensures that our clients get everything they need on time and on budget. Contact us to find out more about our extensive leasing, purchasing and developing services.